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Amma's Revolving Fund for Sustainable Farming
The Fund

Amma’s revolving fund was originally established using the money that our mom, the late Mrs. Bandaranayaka Mudiyanselage Ukkumenike, had saved for her children. She has dedicated her entire life for sustainable farming. Mrs. Ukkumenike had being acting as a seed banker in donating most of the village community with quality local seeds.  Further, her most inspirational contribution to sustainable farming had been her enthusiasm to raise cattle and buffalos and use them in farming. That motivated us to make this fund available for poor farmers and encourage them to practice sustainable farming. The small amount of money that she left to her children added a large legacy for sustainable farming, one of the socially responsible programs that VanLanka offers.  

Eligible Partners
Famers who would like to learn about and practice sustainability farming in our project communities will qualify to apply for this fund.  Village youth groups will assess and select such farmers and recommend them to be trained in organic farming at the “Govipasela” (farm school) of the Movement for the Protection of Indigenous Seeds.  There will be three tangible outcomes of this project; poor farmers engage in sustainable farming using cattle manure produced by the cow; nutritional food and increased income of such families through milk consumption and sale of extra milk; a calf from each cow produced and available to another farmer who intend to engage in this program.
VanLanka also will make arrangements for this fund to grow inviting more funding partners around the world.


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