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DEMP Cultural Club

Rajangana youth formed a cooperative under the name of DEMP Cultural Club on January 18, 2009. DEMP stands for Distance Education Modernization Project which is implemented by the Department of Education, Sri Lanka under the Asian Development Bank funding.   Students of Rajangana area graduated from Business Managmnet program of DEMP have committed to work with VanLanka under the Youth Led Community Hospitality Facility Program.  Rajangana and Angamuwa irrigation reservoirs were taken as the key attractions of this project.

The primary vision of this youth club is to enhance management capacity of village youth to make the better usage of local resources to improve their enterprise skills in a sustainable manner in which it helps benefit the communities of the area as a whole. These students are now working on primary resources assessment and basic information collection.
Gallellagama School - Parents in Action through School Development Society

After the first visit in December 2008, VanLanka decided to purchase two computers in order to start the Computer Resources Center of the school.  This step inspired school staff to start a conversation with parents.  Eighty parents were attended for the School Development Society meeting and decided to provide computer tables required for the center. So parents themselves found an abandoned dead tree and donated their labour to produce timber required for making ten Computer tables.  The center will be opened in March 2009.


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