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Our approach is a process of innovative actions to maximize the use of available resources. Our actions are simple and small in scale. With the minimum amount of resources and maximum contribution form communities, we would build a sense of ownership among communities and sustainable impacts.  


By teaching youth “samajeewikatha”, sustainable living we will ensure the transfer of traditional knowledge from young children and village youth and on to the general community. School children and village youth will research and documents traditional methods to blend them with modern techniques.  They also will build leadership skills in order to develop strategies for agritourism, where they can contribute to affordable community hospitality facilities for national and international markets. 

We will mobilize farmers and village communities to reconnect with and adopt indigenous farming practices and production of traditional foods, medicines and healing systems. Our role will be to partner with local research institutions community base organizations to nurture this process.

We also will educate young planners about the process of achieving “samajeevikatha” as a holistic approach towards sustainable planning and development and encourage them utilize our approach for sustainability planning in Sri Lanka. The program will expand throughout the country as planners are gradually introduced to these concepts and demonstration projects.

We will build a network within the country and outside of Sri Lanka in order to share values, knowledge, resources, techniques, and learning.

 Our partners are community organizations, community movements, professional organizations, schools, youth groups, farm organizations, local councils, and private sector companies who would like to use sustainability practices and innovations. Increasing the effectiveness of available resources is the main target of our work. We work with grass roots organizations by direct consultation to help them put their assets to good use.

Our strategy is to focus on education of children and youth to build a road map towards sustainable living over the long-term. Schools and temples in rural areas are selected as the ideal focal points of this process. In rural areas, it is possible to build a solid relationship between teachers and students, which often remains strong after graduation.

VanLanka will work with committed schools and youth groups to creating a “stronger society now and in the future.  We partner with rural communities to facilitate rural students with learning resources by providing computers and internet facilities, extra curriculum resources, teacher training on sustainable planning and educational tools for them to compete with global challenges. 

We will train teachers as well as students about sustainable living practices, samajeewikatha and those teachings will be introduced into the curriculum of schools in order that students research these traditional practices: culinary recipes, eating habits, medicines and healing systems that lead to healthy lifestyles.  

We encourage schools to extend those facilities to village youth groups who formed into old students associations and youth clubs and facilitate them to work with schools to develop a common agenda for the village environmental improvement program.  We train youth in leadership, local resources assessment, planning and small enterprises.  

We expect students and youth will act as community mobilizers for farmers and community groups to partner in the process. VanLanka will then promote organic farming training and engage locals in resources assessment and planning with community groups. We also organize farm exchanges between Canada, Sri Lanka and some other counties to help this process.

We initiate a process in which Sri Lankan children and youth to exchange their ideas about “Samajeewikatha” with Canadian students and youth and will also assist them in their learning of western science and its applicability to the local situations through peer learning and exchanges.





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