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Mrs. Sumana Wijeratna,

Chief Executive Officer
Sumana Wijeratna, the founder of the VanLanka planning consulting, overseers the direction and management of activities of the firm in Canada and in Sri Lanka including sustainability planning consulting, training, partner liaison and project management. She graduated from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura (Geography) University of Colombo (rural planning) Universities of Moratuwa (urban planning) in Sri Lanka and Urban Design Certificate Program at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver British Colombia. 
Sumana has been an urban planner for 23 years, the last six years in Canada with a focus on Sustainability Planning. Her work in Sri Lanka included seventeen years with the Urban Development Authority (UDA) and  local municipal councils and the last six years as  a deputy director  of planning for regional offices of UDA on land use planning,  regulation and laws, long term policy planning, heritage management and low income housing planning and implementation. Upon her arrival in Canada, Sumana joined the International Center for Sustainable Cities (ICSC) and began involve in two major demonstration projects, first as the project manager of Urban Greening partnership program and then as the project specialist in Centering Women in reconstruction and Governance. She also was engaged in Partnering for Long Term Sustainability (PLUS) program. During that period, she trained and facilitated community leaders identifying and assessing their resources and developing programs for implementation as well as involved in monitoring and evaluating using log frame analysis and outcome mapping. Her most significant contribution is in bringing new dimension and clarity to sustainability in planning and governance that involves grassroots communities.

Sumana’s background studies and experience in sustainable planning and community engagement have led her to define Sustainability from a perspective which honors the Buddhist philosophical teachings applied to economic principals of moderate living.  Sumana believes that the sustainability could be achieved through those practices; changed attitudes and behaviors of people through small scale simple actions. Sumana  is committed to genuine development interventions to counteract corporate motives that can lead  people to greed and  away from contentment, especially  as social and economic disparities continue to grow among people and the nations.  

Mrs. Sandhya Uduwawala

Sustainability Coordinator  

Sandya Uduwawala is the landscape expert of VanLanka. She is advising and guiding communities, youth groups and management teams on the designs of new accommodation facility which includes camping sites, dormitories, revitalization of existing temple premises and meditation centers.   Her training involves environmental management, foot reflexology and meditation programs.  She graduated from Government Polytechnic Institute, Sri Lanka, as a Certified Architectural Draughtsman and further studied Landscape and Garden Layout Design at Professional Training Center, Ministry of Housing.
Sandhya worked at the Environment and Landscape Division of the Urban Development Authority (UDA) for 17 years as a Landscape Officer. Her main responsibilities were designing, monitoring and supervising, implementation of public outdoor recreation facilities of Local Authorities in Sri Lanka. She also trained technical officials of Local Authorities on Urban Park Maintenance and was involved in Urban Environmental Planning and Management. Upon her arrival in Canada, Sandya began her second carrier in health and wellness after realizing how day-to-day stresses can impact one’s physical and mental health, which leads to poor quality of life. She graduated from Ontario College of Reflexology as a Certified Foot Reflexologist in 2005, as a Hand Refleologist in 2006, and has been practicing reflexology since. She volunteered her talents, supporting Canadian Cancer Society and also at Bell Canada and Centennial College promoting wellness at workplace.

After becoming a devoted holistic healer she realized that Buddha’s Teachings deal with philosophical, social and individual problems. Sandya started learning Buddha’ Teachings and meditation and then began teaching them to her friends and clients to find peace and happiness. Her architectural landscape design training and experience, her inspirational study of nature that combined with reflexology and meditation practical experience, have led to a conviction that there is joy in every act of giving. Sandya shares her knowledge, skills, efforts and time on projects that benefit others.        


Nimal Chandrarathna is the Project coordinator -Investment and Research of VanLanka Planning Consulting, based in Sri Lanka.  Nimal graduated the University of Peradeniya and obtained a second class (upper division) degree in Geography in 2007. He also completed a certificate course of Environmental Management Awareness at the same university.

Nimal was enthusiastically involved in research studies and field work in Environmental Management Awareness, Environmental impact assessment, and Watershed management courses. In addition, he gained comprehensive knowledge about the contextual implications and issues pertaining to communities.  After graduation he joined the private sector and gained experience in thriving in the business environment. He hopes to establish his own business in the area of sustainable planning as well as in the Agitourism, sustainable hospitality services.

Udeepa Wijeratne

Youth Coordinator

Udeepa is the youth coordinator of VanLanka, who is responsible for communication and logistical arrangement of Canadian volunteers who are ready to engage in international activities in Sri Lanka as well as youth related activities in Canada. Udeepa is born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Canada at the age of ten and could speak Sinhalese as well. Udeepa is a grade 12 student at Johnston Heights Secondary, Surrey BC Canada and has followed Toast Master program in Public Speaking and leadership. He is enthusiastic and energetic young person whose inspirational thinking is shaped by the family environment he has been living in Canada as well as in Sri Lanka. 

Shakthi Wijeratne

Media Support

Shakthi Wijeratne is the Media support and IT support for VanLanka initiatives in Sri Lanka and in Canada. His expectation in the firm is to spend most of his extra time helping Sri Lankan children in transferring his knowledge and skills for those who would like to learn life supporting skills in the IT sector.  Shakthi is also following the Toast Master program in Public speaking and leadership.  Shakthi is currently volunteering his time helping people in hardware and software support, computer updating, and formatting. He used to update used computers and make them reusable and donate it to people who in need as a hobby.  


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