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Ceylon Research Network (CRN)

CRN, located at No. 187, Katawalamulla Lane, Colombo 09, Sri Lanka is a multidisciplinary young research team established in 2008. Its main objectives are designing, organizing and conducting researches in every fields of knowledge with a view to improve the knowledge on each and every field in Sri Lanka and to provide training and advice for the researches, publish the research papers locally and internationally, act as a facilitators for researchers by data input, data analysis, reporting and publishing and to facilitate foreign researchers by acting as coordinators between them and local resource personal as well as providing them all the research materials and guidance.

MPIS developed in the early 1970s, in the aftermath of the green revolution, through the initiative of two young individuals who become concerned about the total displacement of the indigenous varieties of paddy. Their work was appreciated initially by a small group of organic farmers whose numbers eventually expanded up to 4000 by 2005. The mandate of MPIS is to carry out further research, farmer training in organic farming and marketing extra products directly to consumers.  The movement partners with VanLanka by providing training, seeds and raising awareness about organic farming among children, youth and communities. In overall, this partnership promote the concept of healing the earth through small and simple actions.
Gallellagama A/Sirisangabo School which is located in the Madawachchiya Divisional Secretariat Division of North Central Province, Sri Lanka has became the first project partner of Vanlanka. Chamila Algewatta, a dedicated young graduate teacher of this school is leading the pilot project. VanLanka provided Two computers for school to start the new computer resources center as the first step.
Lasik Global Services is a Sri lankan travel agency headed by a young talented women who has buit her her own enterprise, mainly focusing arranging business exchange tours connecting Sri Lankan business crowd with international businesses. Vanlanka will closely work with Lasik on arranging agritorism tours between Canada and Sri Lanka.



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