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Our Mission

Our mission for bridging the gaps among Singhalese and Tamil speaking communities in Sri Lanka and in Canada is to strengthen the relationship between them at very grass roots level in order to build long term peace in Sri Lanka. We begin with an open dialogue with small groups at the grass roots level and eventually bring forward their message to the larger community.  

Generation Gap   



Most extremists on both sides present their own version of history to justify hostile action.  Only a few care to learn about the long established, harmonious interrelationships between Tamils and Sinhalese, best described by elders.  Sri Lanka has never been a melting pot that forced different communities to submit their identities  to the main culture.  
But children and teens, mainly of diasapora and the war areas  who are experiencing the hostilities and hatreds of the present will take only that experience into the future. They have no exposure to the past harmonious relationships between Tamils and Sinhalese. 

Communication Gap

Communication between the two diasopora  is very limitted. Both Tamils and Sinhalese learn about the country’s situation only from their own advocacy groups who claim about what is happening. They exaggerate the situation to benefits their own interest and carry on their own agendas.  So people are being misled. Since they avoid direct conversations even at personal level, their behaviours often end up aggravating the conflict in the country.  
VanLanka endeavours to start  conversations at very grassroots level with individual groups of people, who have experienced the harmony as well as the war.  We also try to allow them to dialogue with youth. By doing so, we anticipate a change in attitudes and behaviours of individuals which will help build procedures,  processes and policies favourable for long term harmony in Sri Lanka.
   Our Pilot Actions
The first stage of this activity is to hold a series of events and group meetings consisting of different ethnic groups, men, women, elderly, children and youth and record their responses. These meetings will invite those with extreame views present. Avenues for compromise will then be explored.
The second step of this is story telling by the seniors of the Sri Lankan diaspora in Canada. We hope to interview as many seniors as possible in Canada, Sri Lanka, and all around the world who had experienced the pre war situation, the war and conflicts situations. We will document their stories and messages to the younger generation and take these to public forums.

Our third step is to hold series of workshops and conferences in Canada and in Sri Lanka. VanLanka hope to partner with an international activist to submit these findings to the larger community groups.


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