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Sustainable Planning

VanLanka is a planning constancy firm that provides sustainable Planning and design consulting. Sustainable planning deviates from conventional planning from in its scope, procedures, and process and the ways in which it goes to the policy level for implementation.  The sustainable planning process extends its scope beyond administrative boundaries and it selects ecological regions of urban cnetres as their planning area. Sustainable planning promotes inclusive community engagement throughout the process despite quantitative information gathering, projections, and optimization of lands and resources. Its longer term vision encompases prospects of future generations.

Community Engagement
Inclusive community engagement process involves children, youths, adults, seniors consist of men and women with diverse income, ethnic and religious backgrounds.  Its commitment to visible short term actions will make sustainable plan a usable tool than a policy document that stays with planners and policy makers.
Guidelines for sustainable planning policies will be recommended by community groups based on workable strategies and targets the community themselves expect to reach within a given time period. So the planners’ discretion is limited to setting standards and formulating policies by balancing planning principles with community aspirations.

Young Planners

VanLanka recognizes the need to  place young planners in the lead to take the responsibility to ensure inclusive community engagement in the planning process. When sustainable plans vision for two three generations ahead, young planners hold such initiatives longer than adult planners.
            Sustainable practices should begin with kids

Urban Planning in Sri Lanka

Currently, urban planning in Sri Lanka is carried out by the central government planning agency yet implemented by the municipal councils. Their planning procedure does not require the engagement of community or the local municipal councils during the planning stage. It only requires community comments after the plan is drafted.  Therefore, community engagement process is ignored or given less significance in planning. So the local administrators often struggle with practical difficulties in implementing those plans.  Most donors interventions try to help build the management efficiency of local authorities but disregards this complexity. This often results in resource wastage and  creates wider gaps between local administration and planning agencies. 

Our challange 

Developing strategies to transform urban planning into sustainable planning with inclusive community engagement has therefore become an essential requirement in Sri Lanka. In this respect, VanLanka endeavours begin by dialoging young planners to build effective partnership among them, grass roots communities, local administration, civil society organizations and the private sector. 


Our strategy
  • VanLanka will deliver the first of its "Guide Paper on Sustainable Practices". This will be mainly based on the economic principles explained in various documents based on Buddhist teaching and the best practices based on such teachings. This paper will also focus on assessing first nation’s traditions on environmental management in British Colombia, Canada. We will also research the application of some of those practices for community level planning in both countries.


  • VanLanka will train Sri Lankan young planners on sustainability planning and facilitate planners and stakeholders in building sustainable communities in the northern and the eastern provinces targeting regenerating long term harmony through sustainable community urban design process.

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