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Our Clients and Facility Providers
Our focus clients are low, middle-income individuals and groups who like to have accommodations that are of high quality and affordable. As well they wish to experience the ecological and socio-cultural attributes of the local area. The initial target groups will be school children, university students, and office workers in Sri Lanka. The next group will be the Sri Lankan diaspora in Canada and other countries. Our products will be available for all our target clients around the world at the end. Our facilities are planned, developed, managed and maintained by village youth.  This uniqueness will capture the cost effectiveness of providing quality services to make the products affordable. 


Our Facilities

Our facility offers clients with genuine village environments. They may some times include opportunities to stay with residential houses of villagers.  Traditional irrigation systems will become the main attractions of these facilities. In addition, surrounding historic and cultural sites and other natural scenic places will become an essential part of the package we provide in order to satisfy the diverse interests of different clients groups. The central facility will provide affordable quality accommodation packages to suit differing needs of clients, genuine local foods and cooking facilities, camping grounds, facilities and services for water sports. Internet and other communication facilities, services such as filming and video producing, cultural shows by local talent groups will also be available within these sites. Further products and services related to aurvedic medicines and healing systems and meditation facilities will also be available around the facility.

Facility Network
Our target is to promote a network of such facilities within the country to cover different climatic regions and to include ethnically and culturally diverse communities. Reenergizing Education through Sustainability program will eventually become a part of this network.  We hope to link, two communities from Hindu and Muslim dominated regions from Northern and the Eastern provinces. Establishment of harmonious relationship among different ethnic and cultural groups at the community level is the broader outcome of this network.   

Pilot Project
The pilot of this kind will start Kallarawa Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

Vanlanka, mainly assists in training these youth in assessing local resources, planning and managing those facilities and marketing them to local and international clients.





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