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Regenerating Sustainable Practices through Simple Actions

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Our Vision
Enhance capacity at the grassroots level through the application of moderate living  practices and build robust Canada-Sri Lanka relations through shared learning.

We begin establishing  a strong foundation among children at the school going age and transcend the knowledge from children to village youth and community by assisting them to practice sustainable living through promoting sustainable farming, regenerating their knowledge on traditional foods and encouraging them using indigenous medicines and healing systems. We facilitate youth develop their leadership skills, networking strength, their resource management and enterprise skills. We educate young planners about our approaches on sustainability planning for structural changes.
You could engage in these initiatives and become a partner by making an investment and volunteering your skills in our projects and watch they grow.

VanLanka emphasizes that in the international development should build on mutual strengths rather than simply be focused on the transferring financial and technical resources from rich countries to poor.  VanLanka views poverty as a management issue rather than an income issue.  Increasing income by itself leads only to increasing expenditure.  Level of poverty will change if earnings are managed properly. We bring this lesson to our partner communities and promote sustainable practices as a management tool. We help people to invest on their own, considering them as partners.  Our process will further peoples' capabilities and create pride and self reliance;  remove the dependency mentality imposed on them. VanLanka’s initiatives, broadly speaking, attempt to bridge the gaps between different  community groups in Canada and in Sri Lanka at the very grass roots level.
VanLanka regards sustainability as practicing "Samajeewikatha" and promote it through changing attitudes and actions at micro level. The Simple living practices fostered by the eastern philosophies and embodied in many cultures had been harmonious to the natural environment and resilient to social changes. The traditional governance structures assured a genuine leadership and effective participation of people in planning and local decision making. Due to rapid modernization, and the resultant emphasis on individual, rather than social benefit these traditions have slowly been eroded and almost forgotten. The primary vision and goal of promoting sustainability in our terms is to remind people of what they have forgotten and blend this forgotten wisdom with modern technological innovations so society can move forward in a more harmonious way.


News from the field 
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